Batteries self discharge every month by themselves, hooked up or not.

You MUST keep them on a maintainer or charge them every month to keep them from an early death.

We carry a variety of chargers for a variety of applications with these being only a few examples of what we stock.

Not all battery chargers are created equal, today's multi stage chargers do a much better job than the basic ones used to.

Call or come down and ask us to explain the pro's and con's for your needs. 

Great little maintainer to keep your battery alive during storage $34.99

15 Amp 7 stage smart charger

Great for a pair of 6 Volts


Autoexact 1.5 amp automatic 6 or 12 volt 5 stage trickle charger $69.99

Clore 6/12 Volt 2/6 amp


Wheel Charger


Professional Series


Heavy Duty 6/12 Volt 1.5 Amp