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May 6, 2016

There are a variety of battery chargers in different sizes and strengths.

The first thing to consider is if they are automatic or manual. An automatic is designed to automatically shut off when the battery is fully charged and there is no danger of forgetting you left i...

May 6, 2016

Cranking amps are the numbers of amperes a lead-acid battery at 32 degrees F (0 degrees C) can deliver for 30 seconds and maintain at least 1.2 volts per cell (7.2 volts for a 12 volt battery). 

Cold Cranking amps are the number of amperes a lead-acid battery at 0 degre...

May 6, 2016

A solar panel can do a great job of helping recharge your batteries. They are rated in watts and this indicates how much power they can send through to the batteries. 

A 90 watt panel operates at about 17 volts and in bright sun can put out about 5 amps. The energy has...

May 6, 2016

No it does not. 

Many many years ago when batteries were made from a tar or rubber like case they had the potential to absorb water up from the concrete into the battery itself. 

Since the invention of plastic this can no longer happen. It has been out there forever to n...

May 6, 2016

The function of an RV generator is to charge the battery bank or use it directly as a power source to 120 volt AC outlets. (TV, microwave, air conditioner, furnace etc...)

If you use it to charge the battery bank, be aware that it is not a very efficient method at all....

May 6, 2016

All batteries self discharge every month, hooked up or not. If you leave your battery sitting around there is a very real risk it will never work again, or never work that good again. Batteries hate sitting. It is not a warranty if you didn't keep the battery in use, e...

May 6, 2016

Starting batteries are designed to throw a lot of juice once to start your car. They have thin lead plates compared to thick lead plates in the deep cycles. This plate design allows the burst of juice your vehicle needs to start. The alternator then works to recharge t...

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February 8, 2018