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*NEW* Gio Golf
$7699 pre order only

The all new Gio Golf is the perfect mobility scooter to keep you safe from the elements. The Golf is fully enclosed with locking doors, a windshield wiper, and you can even roll down the windows! This mobility scooter separates itself from the rest with features like A/C , handsfree Bluetooth, a backup camera, a sunroof, and a windshield defogger. The Golf was designed to be as comfortable as possible because it can be driven as far as 70 km on a charge!

The Gio Golf isn’t just our most comfortable mobility scooter, it’s our most powerful one too. The Golf comes equipped with a 1200W motor that propels the scooter up to 40 km/h. The 60V 45AH battery pack is the largest one we’ve ever had in a mobility scooter.

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