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Gio Tetris Mobility

Gio Tetris Mobility


Introducing the Gio Tetris Mobility Scooter, the perfect solution for those who need a reliable and powerful mobility scooter. The ability to go the distance up to 50 kms on a single charge, you can rely on this scooter for all your daily needs. The high torque provides the strength needed for climbing big hills, while the electromagnetic braking ensures a safe and controlled ride. Its strong 48 volt 500 watt system is perfect for tackling even the steepest of terrain plus with its comfortable swivel seat, bluetooth capability with stereo speakers, and ample storage in the front and rear, you'll have everything you need for a comfortable and convenient ride. Don't let mobility issues hold you back - invest in the Gio Tetris Mobility Scooter and experience the freedom and independence with the power to get you where you want to go.

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