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Trojan Batteries Abbotsford

A good RV Battery makes a lot of difference. Getting good RV Batteries in Abbotsford or Port Coquitlam at a good price is as easy as dropping by. 


We carry higher quality deep cycle batteries that work great in RV's, Boats, Cabins, Cottages, Scissor Lifts, Golf Carts and any deep cycle application you have. Check Google for independent reviews of the T-105 for example. 


A pair of 6 volt Trojan batteries will let you dry camp for 3 times as long as a single 12 volt deep cycle will.


Whether you are looking for the best bang for your buck for years to come, or a low budget basic RV battery, we can help you with the pro's and con's of your choice.  

Testing your old batteries is always free. 

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