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The following answers a lot of scooter FAQ, please give us a call or come down if you don't see the answer you are looking for here.


 * All of the scooters we carry are battery powered and require no license or insurance. 

 * They have the same rules on the road as a bicycle.

 * This includes that you must wear a helmet and keep the pedals attached to the scooter.

 * All scooters are governed at 32k an hour to remain legal.

 * Some models will go faster for use on your private property.

 * Typical range for one charge is 50k. Some models a bit more.

 * Typical recharge time is 6 hours. 

 * The higher the voltage the stronger the scooter.


 * A 72 Volt will climb hills and carry a passenger.


 * A 48 Volt is best for flat surfaces and a single rider. 

 * Battery life is between 100 and 500 cycles (how many times you discharge and recharge) depending on      the quality of batteries you choose.


 * The cost of the batteries vary depending on the voltage of the scooter, (how many are in it) and the              quality of the batteries you choose. This ranges from $200 to $500.


 * The best way to treat the batteries is to recharge after each use, then unplug the charger, then switch off    the main breaker under the seat.  

 * If the scooter isn't going to be used for a few weeks, then plug it back in after the few weeks, and                  recharge the batteries every few weeks while it is not being used.

The warranty is 6 months PARTS ONLY on the motor and the controller from the factory. 

We do work on scooters and we have a minimum $50 service fee for any scooter brought in for diagnostic and/or repair. From there we will give you an estimate for any further repairs required before we do any work.    


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