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Battery Testing


Century Batteries Abbotsford and Port Coquitlam will test your battery for free and tell you the truth.


All digital testers read different results and one can tell you you need a new battery and another one may tell you the opposite. Century Batteries offers a proper, physical load test that will give a much more accurate result.



Don't know how to change your battery or just don't want to? We can help with experience in all types of battery installations.


Century Batteries not only installs your new battery but checks that  your charging system is working for free.



Advice is always free at Century Batteries. Not quite sure about what battery to get? Need ideas on whether its a battery problem or not? Give us a call and we'll be happy to help.


"car battery died on me and after calling around century was the only place that had my battery in stock for a used battery. After arrival the technician offered to load test my battery to make sure it was the battery and not something else that caused my car to die.  After we assured I needed a new battery, the technician quickly installed my battery and I was on my way. Highly recommend century to anyone looking for a new or used battery."

Chris M

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