What solar charge controller is best?

If you are going to use solar power there are a number of things to consider. The bigger the panel, the more amps it can pass to the controller to pass to the batteries. A 100 watt panel in good sun can do around 5 amps per hour charge to the batteries. A rule of the thumb is the battery or batteries should be charged at about 10% of their Amp Hour rating. An Amp Hour rating for a car sized deep cycle battery is about 80 Amp Hours. A good charging amperage would be about 8 amps. So this 100 watt panel can come close to a decent charge to that battery. If you have a pair of Trojan T-105's in there, they are rated at 225AH for the pair. This means about a 25 amp charge to them is best. So that

12 volts vs 24 volts

A basic camping RV does just fine at 12 volts. All of things that run on the 12 volts are designed to. The light bulbs. That small fan. Some small fridges. The water pump. When you are not plugged in, you are running these things off the batteries. Depending how big the batteries are dictates how long you can go between recharging them. Your Inverter takes those 12 volts and ups them to 110 volts so you can use your coffee maker, hair dryer, xbox, and all the other crap that runs off 110 volts. Take a minute here. Stop. That means you have about 10% of the juice available that the wall plug in your home does. TEN percent. This is important to understand that batteries valiantly try to keep u

What is the best way to charge my batteries?

The people that make batteries know that lead and sulfuric acid will store electrical current. That is what batteries do. They STORE electrical current, they don't create it. The people that make batteries also discovered the best way for the battery to store that energy the longest is to put the electrical current into the battery in 3 stages. Bulk, Absorption and Float. They apply the electricity to the battery at 3 different voltages for 3 different amounts of time. Each manufacturer has slightly different spec's for how they want it charged. When we use the battery we need to put that energy back. The very best way is to duplicate what the manufacturer did. In 3 stages. For a starting ba

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