Mobility scooters don't need to be expensive

Everybody knows someone who could use a mobility scooter or medical scooter. When you check around you quickly see just how much they can be. If you need a very robust unit, then you will indeed have to pay more. But there are other options. The three wheel trikes can be a lot less money, and get can get you going for $999 for a brand new one. More deluxe models are about double that. They absolutely work, and will get you around for a lot less. One of the expenses of mobility scooters is the batteries. They are made in all kinds of qualities, even if they are the same size batteries. You can certainly use the cheap ones, but if you can at all swing it, the proper ones will last you up to 5

Series or parallel?

When batteries are joined from positive to positive, and negative to negative, this is called parallel. Think of it as a two fences. One for the negatives, one for the positives. They are parallel to each other and never cross over each other. Parallel connections increase the capacity, and keep the voltage the same. If you hooked up two 6 volt 10 amp hour batteries this way, you would get 20 amp hours at 6 volts. Why would you want to use parallel? To increase the time you can have the power on at the same voltage. When batteries are joined from positive to negative, this is called series. It only takes one positive and one negative from each battery to be joined together, not both sets lik

What Inverter should I buy?

Inverters take the 12 volts from your batteries and convert it to 110 volts to operate your home appliances. They come in all sizes and are rated in watts for how much energy they can handle. The two main types are Modified Sine Wave and Pure Sine Wave. This refers to how "pure" the electrical signal/current is being transferred through them. A Pure Sine Wave Inverter is needed for some electronics like newer TV's and laser printers, where a Modified Sine Wave is good for general purpose stuff like your toaster or coffee maker and lights. Most campers can use the Modified Sine Waves, and they are a lot less expensive. You can get a 2000 watt Modified Sine Wave for a couple of hundred bucks f

How do I charge my RV batteries?

Having a pair of deep cycle 6 volt Golf Cart batteries let's you dry camp for much longer than a single 12 volt deep cycle. Up to 4 times longer. This is simply because there is more lead in the pair of 6 volts. A pair of them weighs about 120 pounds, where a small deep cycle 12 volt weighs about 35 pounds. One cable connects the two 6 volts to make them a 12 volt, there is no need to change any wiring on your RV or boat or camper to use them. They are similar in length and width to a car battery, but about 2 inches taller and you need two of them, so watch your clearance if they need to fit in a tight cabinet. The batteries don't care what you charge them with. As in, they just want voltage

What scooter should I buy?

Battery powered scooters are becoming more and more popular. You don't need a driver's licence or insurance, they are considered bicycles. They have the same rules on the road as a regular bicycle. There is no oil to check, transmission fluid to check, or things like differential fluid and so on. It must have pedals (ours all do) and you must wear a helmet. The power of the scooter is based on it's voltage: A 48 volt scooter has four 12 volt batteries in it. These are best on flat surfaces, with a relatively light rider. A 72 volt scooter has six 12 volt batteries in it. These can handle hills and any size rider. The power is also based on the wattage of the motor. In Canada they are suppose

Scooters and e-bike batteries

Scooters and e-bikes have quite a few sizes of batteries in them. There are universal batteries that fit them, and batteries specifically designated for electric vehicles. They look very similar and both will fit.. The difference is in the quality of construction, and how long they will last. The cheap ones are good for about 100 cycles ( discharge and recharge is one cycle) and the proper ones are good for 300 to 500 cycles and cost more. The good ones have a designation in the part number indicating they are specifically for electric vehicles. What batteries your scooter, wheelchair, or e-bike takes, depends on the make and model. There is a variety of sizes. The very best way to know what

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