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How to make my scooter batteries last longer

Scooter batteries are usually an AGM type or gel type battery. In an electric scooter these batteries cycle up and down over and over again making battery cycle life important. A true deep cycle AGM or Gel battery is best in these applications which will usually have a number or label designating it as deep cycle such as 6-DZF-20 or Deep Cycle printed on the front. Batteries that do not have the special DZF or DZM or Deep cycle label will fail rapidly in a scooter application. Examples of SLA non deep cycle battery numbers will simply say 12V20 or 12V12 without any other information designating them as deep cycle. These batteries are usually for back up power systems such as UPS or alarm systems.

AGM batteries or Gel batteries should be cycled at 50% discharge or less and charged frequently to maintain a good life and good travel distance. If a battery cycles lower down to 70% or more the cycle life will decrease dramatically and you will lose mileage quicker. These batteries like to be fully charged so keeping them close to full as much as possible is the best way to get a good long life out of your scooter batteries.

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