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Most batteries don't die they are murdered

When our vehicle doesn't start the first thing you think is the battery died....While that may be true just because your car doesn't start doesn't necessarily mean your battery was the original offender.

Most batteries are connected to all the electrical components in your equipment either directly or indirectly through a series of computer modules, wires, solenoids etc. Many of these electrical components can cause constant or intermitent power draws that can slowly or rapidly drain out your battery of all its juice. Sometimes these issues are really hard to trace and may even never happen again or randomly happen one day two years later. In most cases if this is the case a battery can be reconditioned and put back to service because it wasn't the reason your car stopped starting, just the victim of other circumstances.

Don't forget theres also human error. A dome light gets left on, improperly installed stereo systems, equipment sits for over a month without being charged etc.

In the end the battery may never have been the issue at all and there could be continued issues with a fresh battery wasting both time and money without further investigation to fix the real issue.

Does your battery not start or start sluggish? We can test your battery and tell you if its simply not charged good or needs to be replaced.


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