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Mobility scooters don't need to be expensive

Everybody knows someone who could use a mobility scooter or medical scooter. When you check around you quickly see just how much they can be. If you need a very robust unit, then you will indeed have to pay more.

But there are other options. The three wheel trikes can be a lot less money, and get can get you going for $999 for a brand new one. More deluxe models are about double that. They absolutely work, and will get you around for a lot less.

One of the expenses of mobility scooters is the batteries. They are made in all kinds of qualities, even if they are the same size batteries. You can certainly use the cheap ones, but if you can at all swing it, the proper ones will last you up to 5 times longer. It's worth a call to check the prices for your particular medical scooter.

It's frustrating to know seniors who want to be mobile still, but don't have the thousands and thousands of dollars for the high end wheelchair or medical scooter's. It's worth considering the much less expensive units like the Daymak Boomer Buggy 3 or the Rickshaw King.

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